Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cellulite Removal: Is It Possible?

Ninety percent of all post-pubescent women are affected by cellulite in some kind of way; this leads me to believe that 90% of all post-pubescent women are also interested in cellulite removal. Cottage cheese thighs, orange peel skin, whatever you want to call it, it’s never a pleasant thing to deal with, and all of us would much rather be rid of it altogether. The real question that floats around in most women’s heads is “Can I really even get rid of this stuff, or am I doomed to deal with cellulite thighs (or hips or buttocks) all the days of my life?”

Once again, I feel it is important for me to emphasize that there are no “magic cures” for cellulite, no matter how much we all may wish there were. Cellulite removal normally requires a multi-faceted approach to increase the potential for effectiveness. Cardiovascular workouts never hurt, no matter if your aim is to get rid of cellulite or not. I’m a huge proponent of exercise, as in the long run, it will promote overall good health, which is what we’re all after to begin with. I would discourage any type of activity that promotes abnormally rapid weight loss, as the “shock” to your body’s system that fast weight loss can facilitate may end up being counter-productive. Many times, when people attempt to lose weight too fast, their body may actually retain fat because it’s going into “starvation mode”, since the body is not accustomed to such erratic changes in weight and/or diet. Success in these matters can be perfectly illustrated by the tortoise vs. the hare—slow & steady always wins the race. This mentality of patience is counter-intuitive to most people, especially in the era that we live in, where everything is microwave, instant pudding, and gotta-have-it-now. Some things never change, and we cannot circumvent the system, no matter how much we wish things were another way. I believe that this mentality of patience is what can make cellulite removal more attainable.

So what do I mean by a multi-faceted approach? I definitely don’t want to “preach” against any type of anti cellulite creams, even though many times I have emphasized natural cellulite remedies (see my post about how to diminish cellulite through proper nutrition). I also wouldn’t want to sound like I’m opposing any medically based cellulite treatments or procedures, such as dermabrasion, ionithermie, or others that I have already covered (check out the post archives for more information). At the end of the day, whatever gets the job done, with the least amount of “collateral damage” as possible, is what you should go with. It would be foolish to endanger your overall health just for the sake of changing an aspect of your appearance, so I would never advocate questionable methods of cellulite reduction. I guess I’m simply saying that balance is the key in all of these situations. Without balance, even the best of intentions can end you up in a heap of trouble, and your health may be endangered for a bad or out-of-balance decision.

It’s funny, because as I’m writing this, I’m looking back at the previous couple of paragraphs I’ve written and it looks like I’m trying to sound like some kind of “wise cellulite sage” or what have you. I just want people to understand that these things take time and patience, that’s all. We live in such an impatient world, where instant gratification is the norm, and where people no longer have the maturity to realize that something worth having is worth waiting for and working for. It’s easy for this mentality to creep in to all different types of areas of your life, and health & beauty is definitely no exception.

As we move along with this blog, I will continue covering more aspects of cellulite reduction, including other procedures and cellulite treatments that I am continually researching. I will also begin to explore some of the anti cellulite products that are on the market, to provide yet another aspect of reducing cellulite that should not be ignored. Until then, continue in your battle, and do your best to be patient with yourself. There’s not a person on this planet that feels like cellulite removal is happening fast enough, so you’re not alone. So long until next time…

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