Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cellulite Laser Treatment: Is It for You?

Is the Cellulite Laser Treatment for You?

I have decided to cover a slightly different aspect of cellulite reduction with this post; namely, cellulite laser treatment. There truly are all types of varieties and flavors of surgical and non-surgical methods of cellulite removal, and I have covered quite a few in this blog already (see the archives for more extensive coverage). As a person who is somewhat needle-and-knife averse, I have to admit that the descriptions of some of these cellulite treatment procedures that I have already covered (think mesotherapy) make me a little squeamish. I simply don’t like needles, and the idea of someone cutting on me to get rid of the dimples that come from cellulite is not the most appealing thing in the world, although the results are definitely desirable. But, to each his own…there are some people that can go “under the knife” or “under the needle” for the sake of health and beauty all day long. I guess some people would call me a “wimp” for even admitting this, but that is one of the reasons why I have primarily covered non-invasive (non-surgical) cellulite reduction methods, as well as covering the different aspects of nutrition and its place in preventing cellulite. It just seems safer, pleasant and more…er, tame, I guess, to use preventative measures such as eating foods that diminish cellulite, rather than going all-out and undergoing some type of medical procedure to get the job done. Don’t get me wrong; again I say, to each his own, and in the spirit of fairness it’s only right that I cover the plethora of ways to get rid of cellulite. I’m definitely not against any particular method, nor am I against anyone that would want to go a different route to reduce cellulite than what my personal preference might be. It’s kind of funny that I felt I had to include that somewhat “politically correct” disclaimer, but that’s the mental conditioning of the world we live in, I guess. Go figure.

At any rate, back to the subject at hand. I was actually surprised at how challenging it was to find specific information on the Web regarding cellulite laser treatment, especially when it came to the actual nuts-and-bolts procedure, but I’m going to give it a whirl based on what data I was able to gather. The cellulite laser treatment procedure employs focused infrared rays that are directed at the affected area (in other words, the spot with the most visible cellulite). The rationale behind using the laser is its ability to get under the surface of the skin, as cellulite is obviously a subcutaneous condition (the “roots” of cellulite are beneath the skin’s surface). Radio frequency energies are also used, and many times the entire procedure is practiced in combination with an Endermologie® approach as well. What I mean by this is that the suction rollers that are used in Endermologie® cellulite treatments are also employed in the cellulite laser treatment, to provide both an external and internal “assault” on cellulite. This procedure is non-invasive, though there are risks of burns from the laser beams (obviously), so those with sensitive skin, do your homework before taking this procedure on. As I have stated before, and now have included in my disclaimer (see the bottom of the page), although I love to do research and report on the different methods of cellulite reduction that are out there, please do not mistake my writings for a professional opinion. I am no medical professional; I just have an interest in providing quality information that could possibly help to better inform people about the options that are available to them in their quest to get rid of cellulite.

I can tell it’s getting late (and I’m getting tired) because I’m starting to “drift” off-topic a little bit. One thing that I wanted to be different about this blog was that I wanted it to not just be a cold, clinical information repository on cellulite (although information is what I am striving to provide); I also wanted it to have somewhat of a “personal” feel, although cellulite is definitely not one of the warmest topics I could have selected (LOL).

And once again, back to the cellulite laser treatment. It takes a professional with a good understanding of the composition of the skin to properly apply the laser treatment; this is why you should definitely stick with reputable service providers if you are considering this option. You definitely don’t want to “go cheap” for this one…you may come out better at the bank, but you could also get cooked in the process! Speaking of the bank, the cellulite laser treatment is not the easiest on the pocketbook, either…though each treatment session only lasts between twenty to thirty minutes, you can pay anywhere in the neighborhood of $75.00 to $150.00 for one session. The average amount of treatments recommended is between six to twelve sessions spread out over a two-to-three-month period. Once this initial series of treatments is performed, visible results should have been attained, and then it is recommended that you attend “maintenance” sessions on a once-per-month basis.

One of the most common pieces of equipment used in the cellulite laser treatment is the DEKA Triactive Laser System. According to the claims of the manufacturer, the Triactive system employs laser diodes, rhythmic massage, and a built-in cooling system, all designed to stimulate lymphatic drainage (see more about the importance of lymphatic drainage in my post about cellulite reduction), increase circulation and promote waste elimination in the body, all of which are important factors in reducing cellulite.

As with any procedure, do your homework to decide whether or not the cellulite laser treatment is the way you should go. Contact some of the firms that offer the treatment and get more information, as well as the potential side effects and risks of such a procedure. Until next time…continue in your quest to get rid of cellulite!


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