Friday, June 20, 2008

Tips to Remove Cellulite

Since the inception of this blog, my goal has been to provide practical tips to remove cellulite, and to cover as many different types of cellulite reduction methods as possible, both holistic and natural, and also the more surgery-based (or clinically based) professional procedures. I can’t say that, when I began this journey, I really thought I would arrive at the “miracle cure” or that there was some kind of pot at the end of the “cellulite rainbow”; the one thing that I wanted to make absolutely clear from the onset is that this blog was (and is) simply an exploration of the different cellulite reduction methods and options that are available for any person that is seeking a solution for the “orange peel skin” syndrome. One of the major issues with finding any type of permanent cellulite cure is the fact that the root of the problem goes so much farther than skin deep; it is actually a problem that reaches to the very core of our metabolic process, and I think it would be reasonable to assume that tampering with any of those types of bodily systems by way of medicines or surgical procedures would be a very complex task, and one that I think we are still quite a few years away from mastering to any degree. So, try as we all might, with our multiple fad diets that are based on popular diet plans, our exercise regimens, and our various cellulite creams, lotions and potions, we must realize that it will always require a multi-faceted approach to deal with the multi-faceted problem of cellulite. To really see sustainable, measurable results as far as cellulite reduction is concerned, we have to realize that a total, all-around approach is best, which would include a change (or at least some type of modification) of our diets, as well as incorporating some type of exercise program to help boost circulation, which as I explained in my post about cellulite reduction, is one of the golden keys to preventing the formation of cellulite.

Unfortunately, most “victims” of cellulite’s attack find out that they have it only after the outward evidence of cellulite begins to appear on the skin’s surface; think dimpled look and cottage cheese thighs. The truth of the matter is that it started way before the outward evidence even began to show. There are fat storage issues to consider, metabolism issues to consider, hormonal issues to consider, and a host of other hereditary and physiological factors that can all play a part in the development of cellulite. But by and large, one of the most all-purpose ways to help reduce the appearance of cellulite is simple diet and exercise. It’s pretty obvious that if you have a diet that’s high in saturated fats, you are probably going to be storing more fat, and if the connective tissue surrounding your fat cells is not resilient enough to keep those engorged fat cells from compressing together, you are going to end up with the dreaded “hail damage” look. This makes exercise all the more important, not only for boosting metabolism and improving circulation, but also for the fat-burning aspects of developing lean muscle through strength training and good cardiovascular workouts. This is not the easiest thing on the ears, I know, because it does require work, but if you’re serious about getting rid of cellulite, you’ll commit to the process that it will require, and you won’t be expecting overnight results, because trust me, they won’t happen. Again, to date there is no absolute cure for cellulite, as in something that can 100% eliminate all traces of it, both internally and externally, but there are several methods, procedures, and treatments that can greatly aid in diminishing the appearance of cellulite, many of which I have already covered in my previous posts.

So what are some of the causes of cellulite? If we can identify these, we will have a better chance of successfully countering them with this multi-pronged approach that I’m talking about. One major cause is lack of sufficient water intake. So many people are literally dying of thirst; their bodies are dehydrated due to not drinking enough water, and drinking too many other things such as carbonated drinks, that actually have a detrimental effect on the body’s hydration. Another cause is poor diet, which basically boils down to eating fried foods, greasy foods, foods that are high in sugar, and drinking too much caffeine and alcohol, all of which load the body with toxins, and if a person’s lymphatic system is out of whack, the body cannot eliminate the toxins fast enough to prevent the “cellulite stage” from being set.

So, even though I have named this post “Tips to Remove Cellulite”, the truth of the matter is, there is but one real “tip”, and that is the fact that you must approach and attack cellulite from every possible angle, with a combination of diet, exercise, and lifestyle change, as well as with some of the commercial products that are on the market, such as cellulite creams and lotions and so forth.

I would love to write more, but the bed is calling, and I must obey. Until next time, continue in your mission to remove cellulite!

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