Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cellulite Reduction and You

As I continue in my journey of learning the various available methods of cellulite reduction and the role that each one plays, I have found that you cannot become too compartmentalized in your approach to diminishing cellulite. As far as cellulite reduction methods are concerned, trust me, more “ammunition” is better than less. It is better for you to adopt a broad base of methods, treatments, products, etc. to fight cellulite rather than just pigeonholing yourself, so to speak, with only one type of method or procedure. Those of you who have visited my blog before will note that I am the first one to advocate simple diet and exercise as one of the most long-standing and effective anti cellulite recipes out there. Strength training, especially in the lower body area where the “scene of the cellulite crime” is located, is a definite plus to help boost circulation and increase the effectiveness of lymphatic drainage. If you are not familiar with what lymphatic drainage is, I recommend you read my previous post about cellulite reduction to get a better picture of what it’s all about, but in short form, the more effective your body’s lymphatic drainage system is, the easier it will be for toxins to get flushed out of the body, creating a healthier overall look for your skin. Some people are just bottled up with toxins because their diet is so poor and they live sedentary lifestyles. That’s a combination that has been proven to lead to a low quality of physical health and an early death. Nobody wants that! So, in most of the posts on this blog, you’ll see a recurring theme, and it is that of the necessity of diligence, discipline, and commitment to your goal of cellulite reduction. Sorry to say, but there are no free lunches where this thing is concerned…it is going to take some WORK. But the great thing about it is, when you commit to doing the work that it takes to facilitate cellulite reduction, day in and day out, week in and week out, you will actually find fulfillment in the work itself, not just in the end result. All of a sudden you will become motivated by the fact that you’ve been taking action, and it begins to feed on itself, and your efforts begin to snowball, and do you know what happens? You develop momentum, which is an absolute key to reducing cellulite, or any other objective for that matter. So what am I saying in short form? I’m really just saying that the real cellulite remedy is just plain and simple, common sense, real deal WORK. And that’s never easy. But think about it: How many desirable things in life are actually handed to us on a platter? Not many, and most of the time if it comes easy, it also goes easy, and there’s not too much permanence to what we obtain. The reason why is because in our efforts to achieve fast weight loss, or pursue some wonder-working cellulite eraser, we skip the lessons that are to be learned at each step in the process. You never develop the work ethic that’s required, you never develop the internal discipline that’s required, and you never develop the steadfastness that is required to maintain the victory over cellulite that you may achieve, however temporary that victory might be. Most things that come quick are short-lived. But if you were to commit to a butt-kicking exercise program, or some kind of exercise regimen that could accompany the other treatments or products that you might try, such as anti cellulite pants, or a cellulite patch, or any type of cellulite treatment in general, you would be that much more well-rounded in your approach to cellulite reduction.

Now even though I have spent a considerable amount of time talking in a general sense about cellulite reduction, I did want to emphasize very how important your water intake is to reducing the appearance of cellulite. Water, as you know, comprises about 75-80% of the body’s physical makeup (I’m going off the top of my head on this one but I know that this claim can be substantiated somewhere on the Web), and is one of the most important elements of reducing cellulite that you can implement into your diet. If you are thinking that you can get rid of cellulite but yet drink nothing but sodas and caffeine-laced products, you are truly shooting yourself in the foot. Even in my post about endermologie I talked about how water intake played a vital role in creating a more effective overall treatment for cellulite, due to water’s ability to hydrate the skin, and give the skin its much-needed support as far as making it more supple and smoother. Water is also a vital ingredient in eliminating toxins from the human system, which as I have explained previously (so much that I sound like a broken record), you have to do in order to keep your fat cells from retaining those toxins, becoming engorged, and then damaging the connective tissue surrounding them, thus creating the “perfect storm” setup for the cottage cheese thighs to emerge. My suggestion, or advice, or whatever I can call it without getting into legal trouble (see disclaimer below--LOL) is that you should drink an average of eight to ten 8-oz. glasses of water every single day. This sounds like a lot, and it sounds difficult, but it’s easy if you break it down into manageable chunks. Drink one glass when you first wake up, and then one glass about once every hour (on average), and then you will have accomplished your goal without feeling like you’re a fish. You will be surprised at the number of positive benefits you will get out of this, and many of these benefits will be somewhat ancillary (your face will have more of a “glow”, etc.), but they will be well worth your effort. They will also contribute greatly to the reduction of cellulite by virtue of water’s ability to eliminate toxins from your system.

All in all, the major key to cellulite reduction, if I may state it again, is that of diligence and patience in the efforts you are making to get rid of cellulite. Maintain that attitude every day, and cellulite reduction will be one step closer to becoming a reality every day as well.


Kim said...

a very informative post Lady cellulite !!

Max said...

Hey Phillips!

Thank you so much for having dropped by my blog and left a terrific comment (I laughed a lot) :D!

Now, to fight cellulite I do the following: I drink water (1,5 l/day), I exercise a lot (walk, yoga, Tai Chi) everyday and eat properly!
And it seems like you and I have this in common; a lot of work must be done in order to fight this criminal (cellulite)!

I wish you a smashing weekend!


Author said...

Kim, thanks for visiting! Though the posts are long, I'm glad to hear that someone's getting something out of them. :)

--M.S. Phillips, Getting Rid of Cellulite

Author said...

Max, thanks for the encouragement. It's good to know that I'm not alone in this battle! :)

--M.S. Phillips, Getting Rid of Cellulite